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A Fatal Addiction Part2.jpg

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A Fatal Addiction                                                                                  £6.95


Part 2

The Triumphs and the Tragedies  is now available ;


The second part of the Frank Cartland story and the sometimes tragic results of his addiction to motorsport. Covering the period from the start of the second world war, until the "swinging sixties", lives are shaped and lost by the war. The need to succeed in the highly charged world of motor racing causes division and anger within the Cartland and Marshall families. Even the passion and jealousy which lead to misery and murder cannot quell the desires for racing victory. But the costs are high, financially and emotionally.



"The unpleasant smell that invaded him when he finally managed to open the door was a mixture of dampness and decay. His torch illuminated a layer of inky black water, much as he had been expecting, but as he moved the light across the slick surface he noticed a flash of white. He concentrated the beam on the spot and an involuntary shriek of terror left his mouth. The sockets of an eyeless skull were looking up, straight at him".


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