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Welcome to  From a very young age...a long time ago now, the sound of angry racing engines has sent shivers down my spine. It still does. In recent years I have had time to reflect on the reasons for this life-long passion- some would say obsession! 
This website and particularly my novel: A Fatal Addiction Trilogy - part 1, The Seduction of Speed, part 2 The Triumphs and the Tragedies  and part 3 The Victor and the Vanquished  - are the result.

 also known as : Max.M.Power

About: Steve Bradley

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Julian C E Roberts

"What a great find. Steve Bradley is a lifetime racing driver, never hitting the big time but always competing nevertheless. This account of his racing career from being inspired watching the Lister Jaguars at Snetterton, to his first racing kart; a Blow Villiers. Progressing via FF1600 and Formula Atlantic to perhaps the height of his career racing against the likes of Ayrton Senna and Martin Brundle in the British Formula 3 Championship.

Recommended to all who, like me, love motor racing"


Michel Farizon from France

Very good Book that I recommend. Thank you Steve Bradley for sharing your memories !
(Can be found at Amazon.)

Maxwell Mark Power was born to the sound of screaming racing engines. His family lived just one mile from the Hanger Straight (as the crow flies) at Silverstone, and it was British Grand Prix day.
Max grew up in a comfortable home with every spare space containing huge stacks of old Motor Sport and Autosport magazines, as well as motoring and motorcycle newspapers.

Little wonder that in his early years he thought that motoring was the real world ... and that the rest of it was, well…strange.
His mother said his first word had been Mummy; in fact, it had been money. Even at this young age, Max knew that if he wanted to be a racing driver he would need lots of money.
With single-minded determination, persistence and some skill, Max did become a successful racing motorist, firstly on motorbikes, then with racing cars.

Jetting off all over the world to the next race meeting, he never stayed anywhere long, and always left as soon as the scream of the last racing engine had died away.

Max enjoyed many race victories, but a constant shortage of money, female distractions and some HUGE crashes ensured that he never made the "big time". 

Max retired from racing twice, but his addiction would always drag him back to the sport he loved.  He now lives alone in his large workshop in the East of England, surrounded by his trophies from old glories and bits of broken racing cars.
However, he is still an optimist, and his motto remains,

"Where's the next race? I'm going to win this time.”

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