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Rev your engines and join Steve's RacingBooks for all your motor sport needs! We offer an extensive selection of documents illustrating the history of motor sport, from vintage classics to modern-day machines. Get ready to race with Steve's RacingBooks

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A Fatal Addition. The Seduction of Speed ( Name changed! )

Part one is available now  directly from Amazon

The story of two families' of widely different backgrounds. Passion on and off the race tracks is fueled by the addiction to speed. Frank Cartland was born as the motoring age began. From a humble and often harsh childhood, as an adult, motorcycles and motorcars became his addiction, but this came at a high price - both mentally and physically. Privileged George Marshall was born into an old, wealthy family and grew to share Frank’s passion for racing machines. Throughout the 1920’s and 30’s this joint obsession would put the two men on the same path. Both on and off the dangerous racetracks of Brooklands, Isle of Man and Le Mans...

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